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Here are some volunteer opportunities posted by different members of ASFSC. If you know of any, please log in and post them.

online volunteering website launched by a '02: ifihadahammer.org
if I had a hammer is a new volunteering site that connects folks with time or resources -- in any amount -- with visionary NGOs around the world who could really put 'em to good use.

have an old camera you need to rehome? love to play with Picasa now and then? whatever you've got to offer -- a dozen computers or a single beautiful photo, a couple of hours a week or a couple of hours a year -- why not put this to work for a cause you care about?
posted by Megan K. Ahern 02 | updated September 10, 2009

Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund
Are you ready to make a positive impact on women's health care?

Volunteer for the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion (EMA) Fund!

Connect Financial Resources to Reproductive Rights:
The EMA Fund provides grants to ensure that all women without adequate resources can have safe and timely abortions.
posted by Sarah E. Morton 05 | updated October 17, 2007

Seeking penpals for blind students in St. Petersburg

Please forward to anyone with interest/contacts in Russia: Seeking penpals with blind Russian university students, to help spread the word to U.S. students/classes, to brainstorm with us about finding support, to find people who will take things to Russia, etc. (M.N. Adamov Fund is a small Boston-based nonprofit with ties to Dartmouth's Russian department)

We run the only project in the US to help blind students in Russia.
Deborah Garretson, who teaches Russian at Dartmouth, was taking a group of students for summer 2006 study in St. Petersburg and invited my wife and me to come meet them and tell them about our project. They all agreed to take toys in their luggage and when they got to St. Petersburg we arranged for them to meet a teacher of blind children and give the toys. They are the first group of students who have done this.

We still need help--to be penpals with blind university students, to
help spread the word to other college Russian classes, to brainstorm
with us about finding support, to find people who will take things to
Russia, etc.

Best, Harris Sussman

This is our website

This is the report of our trip to Russia last week--

Dear friends,

We have just returned from 15 busy, productive days and nights in St.
Petersburg, Russia.

We met with dozens of people, some whom we knew earlier and many for the
first time. Our effort to help blind people puts us in touch with
people who become new friends. We were told the same thing by many
different people--even if you don't have anything to bring us
materially, please stay in touch with us. We continue to build ongoing
relationships in the spirit of Svetlana's father.

We delivered 5 used desktop computers and 2 notebook computers that
Svetlana got from MIT, 2 Perkins Braillers and paper (donated by Howe
Press at Perkins), 2 cassette recorders, art materials to a blind
artist, creative toys for Waldorf-trained teachers who work with blind
children and for a teacher starting a new kindergarten of blind students
in southern Russia, money to a deaf-blind consultant in Moscow and to
help transport 11 computer monitors to blind users around St.
Petersburg. We introduced and connected people to each other across the
city--a number of people said it was surprising that people in Boston
could do this!

We had a party for blind and sighted people at the apartment, filled
with singing, toasts, and great humor.

Long-time supporters Gayle Yarnall, owner of Adaptive Technology
Consulting, and Neal Kuniansky were with us on the trip. They are a
married couple who live in northeastern Massachusetts and Gayle is
blind. Neal arranged the donation of licenses for Duxbury Braille
Translation software and trained people on using it. Gayle is
responsible for providing frequent flyer miles for our travel, 20 white
canes and 2 folding canes, several boxes of educational materials, and
arranged the donation of a Braille embosser by Enabling Technologies.
The donation of a graphics tablet for use in the production of tactile
graphics was by Adaptive Technology Consulting. They also brought toys
and gifts for people.

We identified just over 1000 blind people in St. Petersburg whom we
would like to help through specific programs and contacts, including a
rehabilitation center, a boarding school/orphanage, an arts therapy
group, and two organized support groups.

We will help provide New Year gifts and treats to several hundred blind
students through these channels. 150 blind students in higher education
institutes need voice recorders so they can take notes in class and
several hundred people with serious visual impairment need magnifiers.

All this costs money. The fund's bank account is low. Donations are
tax-deductible if checks are made to the Carroll Center for the Blind
marked "for MN Adamov Fund" and mailed either to us or the Carroll
Center/President's Office, 770 Centre Street, Newton MA 02458.

We also need in-kind assistance, such as frequent flyer miles, white
canes, Braille devices, toys, putting us in touch with people who will
take things to St. Petersburg, and invitations to speak to groups.

Our friend and representative in St. Petersburg, Valya Nikitina, came
back with us and will be staying with us until Thanksgiving. She also
runs a Bed & Breakfast in our apartment there. It is her first trip to
the U.S.

A longer more detailed report with photographs will be posted on our

Thank you for your support. We're glad to hear from you.

Svetlana Adamova Sussman and Harris Sussman
MN Adamov Memorial Fund
51 Craigie Street
Somerville MA 02143


posted by Karsten A. Barde 04 | posted October 15, 2007 | updated October 14, 2007 | contact poster

Work with some Bronx kids!
The South Bronx Charter School I helped found and currently work for is looking for volunteers.
posted by Jared Alessandroni | updated October 14, 2007

Sponsor a summer theater program!
Do you want to work with a rocking great set of people and wonderful Bosnian high school students?
posted by Sabrina A. Peric 03 | updated February 4, 2007

Grupo FARO: Public Policy and Pro-poor Reform in Ecuador
Unpaid internships available to work in public policy initiatives at a local NGO. Projects include work in decentralization/local economic development, education reform and contributing to the public debate.
Details at http://www.grupofaro.org
posted by Andrew R. Carreras 06 | updated December 1, 2006

Volunteer opportunity in Boston
Lots of volunteer opportunities at an amazing charter school in Boston!
posted by Meredith L. Liu 04 | updated August 23, 2006

Help manage an international development organization
The IHF is an international development organization focused on connecting communities abroad with academic communities in the United States. The IHF was founded at Dartmouth, and has a continued presence there. The IHF seeks individuals to join its volunteer central staff and, if qualified and willing to make the prerequisite commitments, the IHF board.
posted by David W. Morse 03 | updated May 9, 2006

Make a difference in a student�s and nonprofit�s life this summer!
New Sector Alliance is launching a prestigious Nonprofit Summer Internship Program in Boston this summer. The New Sector Summer Fellows Program will place 35 competitively selected college students with 35 prominent Boston nonprofits to implement a capacity building project that the host and a New Sector Program Manager have structured and scoped together. We are now looking for 35 Mentors to help our students as they complete their projects.

Please see below for more detailed information. If you would like to become a Mentor, please email Valerie Bockstette vbockstette@newsector.org with your resume and �Summer Fellows Mentor� in the subject line.

posted by Rachel A. Roth 02 | updated April 7, 2006

Great Volunteer Opportunities in NY area
NY Cares is a great organization that offers very well-organized, project-based volunteer opportunities in the New York area (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, etc.) All you have to do is attend a one-time orientation session for an hour, and then you're free to sign onto any of their many projects, doing everything from weeding a garden in the LES to walking dogs in Brooklyn to teaching adults computer literacy in the East Village. It's a very minimal commitment (sign on for one project or twenty), ideal for working professionals who don't have a lot of time to contribute but want to make a big difference when they do. -- Check it out at www.nycares.org --
posted by Evelyn Chen 01 | updated July 13, 2005

Community Based Technology Center in El Salvador
Volunteer needed to manage the technological, business, and programmatic aspects of a community based technology center in the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador.
posted by Gary E. Weissman 02 | updated June 26, 2004

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