College picks new sustainability coordinator

Kathy Lambert �90 will become the College�s sustainability manager, who helps to generate and implement plans to improve Dartmouth�s sustainability efforts, in August 2008. See article from the D here.

Lambert �90 to direct sustainability efforts

By Allyson Bennett, The Dartmouth Staff
Published on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kathy Lambert �90 will become the College�s sustainability manager, who helps to generate and implement plans to improve Dartmouth�s sustainability efforts, in August 2008. The College has not had a full-time sustainability coordinator since the departure of former sustainability director Jim Merkel last August.

Lambert will work to incorporate sustainability into the College�s operations and educational efforts.

�Her role is really to be the principle person within the administration to help to really understand what the opportunities are and to help define the potential priorities and communicate those to the provost and to other members of the administration,� Mary Gorman, associate provost and executive officer, said.

Lambert will also help coordinate the many groups on campus that work to make Dartmouth more environmentally sustainable. This will be particularly beneficial to student-led environmental groups, according to Ruth Hupart �08, who said that Lambert will be the �go-to� person for sustainability issues.

During her first term as sustainability manager, Lambert will survey the College�s current sustainability efforts to determine what actions Dartmouth is currently taking and what new policies should be implemented, Lambert said. The survey will include interviews with students, administrators, staff and faculty.

Lambert also hopes to complete a sustainability action plan outline during her first term at Dartmouth, she said. Lambert also said she intends to set targets for the College�s greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts could increase energy efficiency, and Lambert may also look into the possibility of using cleaner heating fuels at the College.

Lambert would also like to increase internal awareness about the College�s current sustainability efforts, she said. For example, the College could hold events to educate the community about the four new buildings that recently received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications for their high water and energy efficiency, she noted.

�I think the biggest change will be everyone will realize what Dartmouth�s already doing in terms of sustainability,� Hupart said.

To achieve her goals, Lambert said she plans to work with many different constituencies, including faculty, staff, administrators and students.

�I really like the energy that the student groups at Dartmouth bring to the issues,� Lambert said. �I also am attracted to the deep intellectual capital in the academic departments at Dartmouth and what they could bring.�

Lambert received a bachelors degree in sociology with an environmental studies certificate from Dartmouth and a masters in forest science in hydrology and watershed management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies. She has served as a consultant and executive director of the Hubbard Brooks Research Foundation in Hanover and founded the Vermont-based environmental consulting firm Ecologic, which focuses on public policy. Lambert has also earned a Switzer Environmental Fellowship and a United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Merit Award.

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Comments Due June 30 on Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative

Go to <> and send your ideas, critiques, and suggestions. You can participate anonymously if you wish.

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Social Justice Awards nominations due Oct. 30
Please help us identify candidates for Dartmouth's Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Awards! Candidates may be alumni/ae or current or former faculty or staff. A student group category honors undergraduate and graduate student organizations as well. For guidelines or to submit a nomination, please visit:

Nominations are due October 30, 2010. For more information, please contact Christine Crabb at or 603/646-1342.
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Donations to Haiti
Haiti could still use your help, as the rebuilding and recovery process is going to be long and difficult and there are many people still in need of relief in the interim. Fortunately, two organizations with Dartmouth affiliations are on the front lines.
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Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief
As you have likely heard, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti yesterday. While an earthquake of this magnitude could cause a tragedy anywhere, the impact is far worse in country with such limited resources and infrastructure. Financial assistance is desperately needed, and one of the organizations on the front lines in Haiti is the organization founded by Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim, Partners in Health.
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new web resource for orgs & volunteers launched by '02 is a new volunteering site that connects folks with time or resources -- in any amount -- with visionary NGOs around the world who could really put 'em to good use.

have an old camera you need to rehome? love to play with Picasa now and then? whatever you've got to offer -- a dozen computers or a single beautiful photo, a couple of hours a week or a couple of hours a year -- why not put this to work for a cause you care about?

likewise, if you work with an organization that could benefit from some assistance or extra resources, please feel free to post requests and/or browse volunteer postings!
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Sustainable Strength Launch Party & Fundraiser
Sustainable Strength :: Thursday August 27, Launch Party and Fundraiser
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Dr. Jim Yong Kim Selected as New Dartmouth President
An innovative leader in global health has been selected as Dartmouth's next president.
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2008 Social Justice Award winners named
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New Enhancements to Dartmouth's Financial Aid Package
From Speaking of Dartmouth: President James Wright Announced today a number of enhancements to the college's financial aid packages for undergraduates, beginning in academic year 2008-09, to ensure that Dartmouth remains accessible to academically talented students regardless of their financial situation. The new initiatives also extend the College's need-blind admissions program to all international students, who typically represent about 7 percent of each incoming class. The Dartmouth Board of Trustees approved the enhanced program at a special board meeting Jan. 16. (click on title above for full story)
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DASC Member Jorge Miranda '01 on ABC World News!
Jorge Miranda '01 opened MATCH Charter Public High School in September 2000. The school aims to close the achievement gap by preparing inner-city students not just to get a spot in college, but to succeed there as well. Congratulations, Jorge! You're making us all proud.
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