New Enhancements to Dartmouth's Financial Aid Package

From Speaking of Dartmouth: President James Wright Announced today a number of enhancements to the college's financial aid packages for undergraduates, beginning in academic year 2008-09, to ensure that Dartmouth remains accessible to academically talented students regardless of their financial situation. The new initiatives also extend the College's need-blind admissions program to all international students, who typically represent about 7 percent of each incoming class. The Dartmouth Board of Trustees approved the enhanced program at a special board meeting Jan. 16. (click on title above for full story)

The key elements of the initiative, which will go into effect for the coming academic year, include:
1. Free tuition for students who come from families with annual incomes below $75,000
2. Replacing loans with scholarships
3. Need blind admissions for international students
4. Junior leave term with no earnings expectation

In announcing the initiative, President Wright said, "Dartmouth's enhanced financial aid program will ensure that all our students are better able to take full advantage of the Dartmouth experience. The College has long been committed to helping superbly qualified students attend Dartmouth, regardless of their financial means, and financial aid has been a personal priority of mine for many years. Building on our more than three-fold increase in financial aid since 1998, I am pleased that we could make this further enhancement to our financial aid program as we seek to keep Dartmouth affordable and to enroll the most talented students from around the world."

Dartmouth currently spends $61 million per year providing financial aid compared to $24.5 million in 1998 - an increase of 250 percent. The new initiative will cost an additional $10 million per year when fully implemented. The additional expense will be paid for through the reallocation of resources and the use of funds generated by an increase in the distribution from the endowment to 6 percent approved by the Trustees last year. The College is in the midst of the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience with a goal of $1.3 billion - $150 million of which will be for financial aid. This past December, the College passed the $1 billion mark in that campaign.


Beginning with the 2008-09 academic year, all students from families with incomes of $75,000 or less will receive free tuition. In addition, many will also receive scholarships for associated costs of attendance, i.e. room, board, books and miscellaneous expenses.

The College will eliminate loans for incoming scholarship recipients beginning with next year's Class of 2012. Over the course of four years of enrollment, students will see loans that totaled as much as $17,500 replaced with scholarships. Currently enrolled students will see their loan expectation cut by 50 percent beginning next fall for each of their remaining years at the College. The elimination of loans will significantly reduce the debt burden of Dartmouth graduates.

Starting immediately with the Class of 2012, the College will extend its need-blind admissions policy to all international students. Previously the College was need-blind for students from the U.S. as well as those from Canada and Mexico and provided financial aid to other international students up to a preset budget maximum. This cap will now be lifted and Dartmouth will join a very small group of schools that have a fully need-blind admissions process for international students.

Starting immediately, Dartmouth will provide an additional scholarship of $2,950 to allow financial aid recipients to take advantage of research or internship opportunities in their junior year. Currently, these students are expected to contribute earnings from their summer employment towards the cost of their education and thus have less flexibility than non-financial aid students in participating in important components of the Dartmouth experience. Students will be able to participate in community service, other forms of volunteer activities, or spend the time on their own research or studying for graduate school entrance exams. This aspect of the new plan builds on Dartmouth's year-round calendar and strong tradition of service and experiential learning opportunities.

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Comments Due June 30 on Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative

Go to <> and send your ideas, critiques, and suggestions. You can participate anonymously if you wish.

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Social Justice Awards nominations due Oct. 30
Please help us identify candidates for Dartmouth's Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Awards! Candidates may be alumni/ae or current or former faculty or staff. A student group category honors undergraduate and graduate student organizations as well. For guidelines or to submit a nomination, please visit:

Nominations are due October 30, 2010. For more information, please contact Christine Crabb at or 603/646-1342.
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Donations to Haiti
Haiti could still use your help, as the rebuilding and recovery process is going to be long and difficult and there are many people still in need of relief in the interim. Fortunately, two organizations with Dartmouth affiliations are on the front lines.
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Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief
As you have likely heard, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti yesterday. While an earthquake of this magnitude could cause a tragedy anywhere, the impact is far worse in country with such limited resources and infrastructure. Financial assistance is desperately needed, and one of the organizations on the front lines in Haiti is the organization founded by Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim, Partners in Health.
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new web resource for orgs & volunteers launched by '02 is a new volunteering site that connects folks with time or resources -- in any amount -- with visionary NGOs around the world who could really put 'em to good use.

have an old camera you need to rehome? love to play with Picasa now and then? whatever you've got to offer -- a dozen computers or a single beautiful photo, a couple of hours a week or a couple of hours a year -- why not put this to work for a cause you care about?

likewise, if you work with an organization that could benefit from some assistance or extra resources, please feel free to post requests and/or browse volunteer postings!
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Sustainable Strength Launch Party & Fundraiser
Sustainable Strength :: Thursday August 27, Launch Party and Fundraiser
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Dr. Jim Yong Kim Selected as New Dartmouth President
An innovative leader in global health has been selected as Dartmouth's next president.
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Calling all members - weigh in on new President search
This is an important moment in Dartmouth's history for socially-concerned alums to mobilize. You likely received an email from the Board of Trustees seeking input for a Statement of Leadership for the current presidential search. Since Dartmouth alums will be very vocal about their vision for the future of the college, it is important that social and environmental goals remain at the forefront.
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College picks new sustainability coordinator
Kathy Lambert �90 will become the College�s sustainability manager, who helps to generate and implement plans to improve Dartmouth�s sustainability efforts, in August 2008. See article from the D here.
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2008 Social Justice Award winners named
The College's 2008 Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Award winners were announced February 1. Click here for more detail. Congratulations to the winners!
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DASC Member Jorge Miranda '01 on ABC World News!
Jorge Miranda '01 opened MATCH Charter Public High School in September 2000. The school aims to close the achievement gap by preparing inner-city students not just to get a spot in college, but to succeed there as well. Congratulations, Jorge! You're making us all proud.
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